Types Of Criminal Offenses

The term criminal offense can be interpreted in various ways and thus can be used to refer to a range of crimes. Even though there are many types of crimes, they can be divided into four main categories. Each of these four categories has a set of crimes under them which are more or less similar in nature. Since the international ratio of crimes per day is increasing drastically, it is important to be aware of such matters. Listed below are main four subgroups.

Property Crimes
These involve legal offenses that are concerned with property. This could be a house, real estate a vehicle or even an expensive piece of jewelry. Interfering with another person’s property and causing distress, fear and alarm can result in a property crime charge. If an individual damages another person’s property – knowingly or unknowingly- he/she can be still charged with similar accusations. Common types of property crimes include burglary, auto theft and shop lifting.

Personal Crimes
These are crimes that cause mental or physical harm to another individual. They can be further divided into two categories, namely homicide and violent crimes. Since the category itself is very broad, it is important to choose the suitable type of lawyer for the case. For example, when charged for assault, you must contact one of the assault lawyers instead of a homicide specialist. In terms of violent crimes, there are many that can be included under the category. These include crimes such as assault, arson, rape, child abuse and kidnapping.

Statutory Crimes
These can be further divided into further subgroups; white collar crimes, alcohol/drug crimes and traffic offenses. Though these crimes can be included under financial or personal crimes, it is not done so. This is mainly because authorities and society in general wishes to deter the individuals engaged in these crimes. Identification of the crime can be difficult in this case. For example, a person who has assaulted another under the influence of drugs will be charged of both assault and drug crimes. But in the case, there is no need to refer to lawyers Wollongong since it is a statutory case.

Inchoate Crimes
These are crimes that were initiated but not completed. A person who is considered to be accomplice in a murder can be charged under this type. In order to be judged guilty, the person should make a considerable effort towards the action’s completion. Common inchoate crimes include conspiracy, attempt and abetting. Apart from these, ‘financial crimes’ is considered to be a main category as well. These include crimes such as embezzlement, black mail, money laundering, etc. For more info about Sydney criminal lawyers, visit http://www.kernaghanandassociates.com.au/